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Marion, AL 36756
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The Sprott access was developed and is operated by the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Section of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  It features a concrete boat ramp along with ample parking and turn-around space.


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+River Segment - 8.0 miles

As with other sections of the Cahaba River in Perry County, this section is remote and undeveloped, and features heavily wooded river banks, large sand/gravel bars and abundant baldcypress trees and wildlife. It is truly wild and beautiful! There are virtually no recognizable manmade landmarks. The gravel bars and beaches are considered private property by most of the landowners, so stay on the water and do not trespass. Take great care when approaching the take-out at Radford to avoid metal debris in the water just downstream from the landing in the left bank. At eight miles in length, this scenic section is an ideal Saturday day trip for people who also want to spend the weekend touring the wonderful historic sites in and around nearby Marion.