Roper Road

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Roper Road
Trussville, AL 35173
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The Roper Road access is currently an unimproved natural access on the east bank of the river within the right-of-way of Roper Road.  There is a short dirt drive that leads from the north shoulder of Roper Road to beneath the bridge.  Parking and turn-around space is very tight, and the view from the road is completely obscured.  Park here at your own risk and enter and exit from the drive onto Roper Road with caution since sight distances are limited.


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+River Segment - 14.6 miles

It is important to note that this section of the river is difficult to paddle during most of the year due to low water and should only be attempted when the Trussville USGS gauge indicates a flow of at least 100 CFS. There are a number of historic bridges that are interesting to look at, but be mindful that logjams may be around these obstructions. After the confluence with Black Creek around mile 2, there will be a mile-long pool, at the end of which is a picturesque rock island that is best passed on the right. At mile 5.1 you will pass old railroad bridge supports and .2 of a mile beyond that, you will encounter the only true rapid on this section, which is a Class 1, with two drops. At mile 7, you will see the Norfolk Southern railroad track on your right. This is the major active line between Birmingham and Atlanta. At mile 8.3 you will pass under the historic Lovick Bridge. The Moon River access (not yet open to the public) is just past the Hwy. 78 bridge on the right below the shoals. Form there, it is another 5.1 miles to the Grants Mill Access. Just past Moon River, at mile 9.7, you will pass under the I-20 bridge. At mile 10.4 you will encounter a bend in the river with many large rocks, which you should be careful going through. At the next bend to the left, there are a number of low rocks coming out from the left bank that create a rapid. Stay to the right and run the chute, which is about a 2' drop. If the water is up about a foot through here, be very careful. At mile 13.3 a creek enters the river on the right and just past the next bend to the left, you will encounter a shoal with a total drop of 3 feet, which you should take down the middle of the river. At mile 14.3 you will encounter another set of shoals with an 18" drop followed by some islands. This is the historical location of Grants Mill. After you pass under the Grants Mill Rd. bridge just past the islands, the Grants Mill access will be on your right. There is an old concrete slab that once served as the only paddling access. However, we recommend using the new access located just 30 yards further downstream on your right. You will find the new access to be much easier to use.